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Dogs on this page are no longer in the Hesperia Animal Control kennels, unless they are on Adoption Row.
A select few may be at PAL, waiting adoption.

Kennel dog picture pages are graphics intensive. Give them time to load.
001 Adopted!
Lhasa, Brown, M, 1-2 years, impound # omitted, kennel #1, 7/3
002 Adopted!
(Same as left, this IS the face) Lhasa, Brown, M, 1-2 years, impound # omitted, kennel #1, 7/3
003 Adopted!
Lhasa, Black/white, F, 4-6 years, impound #omitted, kennel #1, 7/3
005 Adopted!
Lhasa, grey/white, M, 1-2 years, impound #omitted, kennel #2, 7/10
006 Adopted!
Black Cockapoo, M, 7 years, impound #omitted, kennel #2, 7/10
007 Adopted!
Springer, impound #omitted, kennel #3, 5/31
008 Adopted!
Gold Retriever, M, 1-2 year, impound #omitted, kennel #4, 7/3
009 Chihuahua, F, 4-5 months, #27890, kennel #6, 6/28
010 Pitbull, M, 3 months, very sweet, #29055, kennel #7, 7/3 011 Shepherd/Pitbull mix, M, collar, 6-8 mo, #29130, kennel #8, 7/3
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"Past Kennels" may assist you in determining what happened to your dog. Although the majority of pets are pictured here, a very few may not. Dogs pictured in "Past Kennels" have been adopted, are up for adoption on Adoption Row, are at PAL, or have been put to sleep.

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