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Pets pictured in "Past Adoption Rows" have all been adopted. Although many other pets in Past Kennels have been adopted or reclaimed by owners, pets on Adoption Row were chosen for special consideration, based on their temperment and adoptability.

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 016 Boxer, F, 1-2 years, #23557, *1  012 Gus

Beagle, M, 1-2 years, #29629, *2
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003 Terrier, M, 1 year, #29630, *2 006 An extremely friendly, Shepherd mix with 5 puppies, F, #29372, *3

The mother surrogated two terrier lab cross puppies, after all 5 puppies were adopted.
007 Shepherd mix with 5 puppies, F, 5 weeks old, #29372, *3 008 Shepherd mix with 5 puppies, F, 5 weeks old, #29372, *3

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002 Retriever mix, M, 10-11 months, #29353, *4

Not adopted this week. Held over to the next adoption row.
029 Dark tabby with white and an orange with white, both M, impound number 28949 A & B, kennel #CA-4 030 Black with white, F, impound number 28929, kennel #CA-5

This site is to assist searching for a pet. Some pets may not be pictured. Again, please go to shelters in person to locate a pet. Animal Control may not hold your pet longer than the normal holding period of four working days. Although pictured here on a specific date, that may not be the date the pet was brought in and it may be the pet's last day.

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