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Dogs on this page are no longer in the Hesperia Animal Control kennels, unless they are on Adoption Row.

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020 Chow, yellow rope, impound #37132, kennel #40, 2/14 021 Rottweiler, 5 years, impound #38112, kennel #O-1, 2/19
025 Retreiver, needs foster home, very pregnant, F, impound #36967, kennel #O-5, 2/20 026 Basset hound mix, M, 6 weeks, impound #38224, kennel #N-7, 2/20
Regarding the above dog, because the puppies would be too young to adopt out, they and the mother need a foster home. The puppies are due any day, if not already born by this posting. Fostering allows you to give temporary shelter to a pet to allow time for adoption. If you are interested in fostering, please contact Pets N Friends at 244-4430 or PAL at 948-8155.

Key:  Breed, sex, additional information, impound number, kennel number, claim by date.
**This dog is available for adoption, before the claim date, if the dog is deemed adoptable.

This site is to assist searching for a pet. Although virtually all dogs are pictured, a guarantee can not be given. Please go to shelters in person to locate a pet. Animal Control may not hold your pet longer than the normal holding period of four working days. Although pictured here on a specific date, that may not be the date the pet was brought in and it may be the pet's last day.

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