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 Pets on this page are no longer in the Hesperia Animal Control kennels.

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025 Shepherd/Rottweiler mix, black/tan, 9th/Main, friendly, 8 months, F, #46774, *R11, 4/25
More photos:1, 2
026 Chihhuahua, light tan (or cream), Mohave/Timberlane, friendly, happy face collar, 10 months, M, #46826, *R12, 4/26
More photos:1, 2
030 Pitbull (we think bulldog? mix), white/brown, Mission/Cottonwood, friendly, M, #46821, *R13
More photos:1, 2
033 Lab mix, blond, Ranchero/Oxford, leash trained, friendly, pregnant?, 1-1½ years, F, #47796, *R16, 4/26
More photos:1, 2
037 Australian Shepherd mix, black/gray, Locust/Riverside, friendly, fat, 7 years, F, #46787, *R18, 4/26
More photos:1, 2
040 Chow, blonde, Main/Cottonwood, black leather collar, #46777, *R19, 4/25
More photos:1, 2
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**This dog is available for adoption now, if the dog is deemed adoptable.

This site is to assist searching for a pet. Although virtually all dogs are pictured, a very few pets may not. Please go to shelters in person to locate a pet. Animal Control may not hold your pet longer than the normal holding period of three working days. Although pictured here on a specific date, that may not be the date the pet was brought in and it may be the pet's last day.

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