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Acton Agates

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Type of material found


Description of material

Clear, solid agate nodules, many displaying beutiful banded patterns. If you are lucky, one may turn out to be iris agate, which shows rainbow hues when cut thin and polished. This is caused by the spacing and density of the minute lines in the agate. This material is plentiful, takes a good polish and makes into fine jewelry pieces.

Equipment needed

Rock pick

How to get there

Take Antelope Valley Freeway east from Solemint Junction, passing the weird sandstone formations of Vasquez Rocks, named for the bandit Tiburcio Vasquez who used this natural hiding place to good advantage during his exploits in the 1860's. At 17.8 miles from Solemint Junction, exit on Crown Valley Road, turn right. Proceed 1.3 miles to Syracuse Avenue, turn right, and go .3 mile to Hubbard Road. Turn left onto this dirt road. The agate is found in float on the right side of the road for the next 2 miles. Hike on the slopes of these hills to find the agates. Be sure to stay out of posted areas and don't leave any litter, as this is one sure way of causing the locality to be closed to future collecting.

Acton Agates Map

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