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Pet Scams, Thefts, Hazards

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Pet Scams and Theft
Internet "Found Pet" Scam You place a missing ad for your pet on the internet. Someone calls you, often collect, to tell you they found your pet or innocently picked up your lost pet. They ask you to describe the pet, to confirm it is the right animal. After you describe it, they say, yes, it is your pet.

They say they would be happy to send your the pet, but could you send them money to cover the expenses they have incurred, such as for the pet carry, food, and vet bills. They are traveling salesmen, movers, truckers, roving acrobats, (you get the picture) so want you to wire the money. You do and you never see your money, or pet, again... unless your pet wanders home on its own.

Do not send the money. Do notify police.

Anyone who legitimately finds a pet, happens to innocently carry it away, and wants to return it, would be willing to return the pet before getting a reward.
Pet Theft In the High Desert, as in other areas, pet theft is epidemic. The myth is dogs are stolen to be sold for research. The truth is dogs are stolen to be sold for drugs or fast money. The highest risk dogs are small dogs or purebred dogs.

Who buys these dogs? Normal, regular, innocent people, who can't afford breeder prices, and think they have found a bargain price.

Protect your dog with a chip implant from your vet. If someone is showing unusual interest in your dog and asking many questions, such as, is your dog pure bred, spayed or neutered, any health problems, where do you live, what street, do you let your dog outside, be suspicious and don't give out that information.

If your dog is stolen, notify police. Plaster your neighborhood with posters of your pet. If the posters rapidly disappear, your dog is probably still in the neighborhood. Be persistent. Post pictures of your lost dog on the internet, but never pay a reward or other payment, unless your pet is returned first.
Pet Theft Scam Your pet is stolen. You place an ad, offering a reward, and someone calls, saying they found your pet, when in truth, they stole your pet and watched the paper for your ad.

If you suspect this has happened, notify police. Arrange to have your pet returned. You will most likely have to pay the reward, to get your pet back.
Holiday hazards Tinsel can cause intestinal blockage
Christmas light wires can electrocute
Poisonous plants: mistletoe, poinsettias, lilies, azaleas, amaryllis, cyclamen
Chocolate can be fatal by affecting heart rhythm
Batteries can cause internal burns
Candles and potpourri pots can burn and scald pets
Antifreeze puddle hazards Antifreeze is not only used to prevent freezing, but also corrosion. From a radiator leak or overfill, a deadly puddle can result. Unfortunately, antifreeze is attractive to dogs. Less than a tablespoon of antifreeze can kill a dog. If your dog takes a lick, immediately take him to the vet!


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