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Victorville Black Jade


Type of material found

Black Jade with Magnetite
Verd Antique Marble
Specular Hematite

Description of material

Black Jade. This jade is a very dark green or black in color with magnetite inclusions. After polishing, the magnetite can be gold plated and thus makes striking pieces. You should be selective in the rough chunks you take, as some is so saturated with magnetite, there is no contrast between it and the jade. Takes good polish and is suitable for all types of lapidary work.

Verd Antique Marble. Colors ranging from yellow to yellow-green and chartreuse green. Takes an excellent polish. Large pieces suitable for bookends, spheres, pen bases, and cabs.

Spetacular Hematite. Occurs in a greenish matrix as black platelets with a metallic luster. Shows a reddish brown streak on streak plate. Good specimen material can be found on hill below the verd antique quarry.

Equipment needed

Rock pick. Heavy tools if you plan to dig in verd antique quarry.

How to get there

Take Highway 15 through Victorville to the Stoddard Wells Road offramp and go north 3 miles to boulevard stop. Turn right onto Stoddard Wells Road and proceed to pavement end (4.4 miles). Go on 5 miles and turn right onto well-traveled dirt road. Continue on .4 mile and bear left. (Note: From here you can see a mountain straight ahead with a large, white outcropping. This is the verd antique quarry. Slightly up the hill and to the left a way is the jade outcropping.) Follow dirt road 1.5 miles to base of mountain mentioned above. Beyond this point the road is quite steep and rough. Park you car and walk up the road to verd antique deposit. Hike up hill, and to west to jade outcropping. The hematite is scattered on the slope of the hill below the quarry.

Victorville Black Jade

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