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Virus Busting

Also see: Computing
  • We have found that some programs, whether free or not, will totally mess up one system, but not another.
  • Our recommendations are only an opinion, based on what works for us. It may not work for your system.
  • Note: We have no association with the companies we are about to recommend, other than we use, or have used them, ourselves.
  • Use at your own risk.
Company Tools We Use
MyPCTuneup.comAd-ware (pop-ups) removal tool: Use their FREE uninstall program to remove the following Advertising Software programs from your computer: BestOffers, BetterInternet, Ceres, LocalNRD, MSView, MultiMPP, MXTarget, OfferOptimizer, Twaintec, and some others.
Zone Alarm Adds a firewall to your system. Free for personal and non-profit use.
Ad-awareAnti-Trackware: stops trackware from tracking of your surfing habits, sending the data to a third party, profile your shopping preferences, hijacking your browser start page or pages, and/or altering important system files
GIANT AntiSpyware (now available as Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta)
GRC system tester GRC's FREE testing program identifies your system security trouble spots, including open network ports that are easily exploited by hackers.
  • When the page opens, scroll down to and click "Shields UP".
  • When the next page opens, click "Test My Shields!".
Pest PatrolDetection, removal, and protection against spyware, adware and other threats
Spybot Search & DestroyAnti-spyware
Webroot Spy SweeperLimited time trial versions

Company Services
Symantec's Security Updates
Norton AntiVirus offers an in-depth resource devoted to viruses and security including:

Top threats
Latest information
Removal tools
Virus definitions
A monthly calendar of trigger dates
Downloadable removal tools (when applicable)
Step-by-step instructions
Cautions and warnings
McAfee's Virus Information Library
McAfee (VirusScan, ActiveShield) lists top threats, virus hoaxes, detailed information on where viruses come from, how they infect your system, and how to remove them.

Stand-alone removal tools and instructions for manual removal are offered. Symantec's instructions are a bit easier to understand and cautions were lacking.
Trend Micro's Virus Information Center
Trend Micro's (PC-cillin) interface allows a quick and easy scan of the current virus threats.
Virus analyses
Hoaxes & scares
Viruses explained
White papers
Top ten viruses
Email notification
Information feed
Multiple Languages, including English, French, Dutch, Polish, and one other
Latest Viruses
Latest Viruses
Email Alert


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