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Type of material found

Petrified Reed
Petrified Palm Fiber

Description of material

Petrified Reed. This material occurs as float in all shades of brown. You will be able to recognize it by the reed pattern which shows good cellular structure. Most of this reed is too porous for cutting. Good cutting pieces can be found, though, by selecting the darker brown chunks of solid agate showing fewer reeds than the porous variety. This reed is found around the westerly side of the butte as well as on the top.

Petrified Palm Fiber. This is a good grade palm fiber which occurs as grayish-brown to dark brown pieces. When viewed closely the fiber eyes can be easily recognized on a break across the fiber grains. To reach this material, walk up the dirt tracks to the end of the road and then go east along the side of the butte. Although the palm fiber is not as plentiful as the reed, it is well worth hunting for, as it cuts into beautiful cabchons.

Equipment needed

Rock pick

How to get there

Highway 58 from Mojave cuts across vast, level desert floor interrupted only by the Joshua trees and solitary buttes projecting skyward. At 8 miles east of Mojave, turn right onto a well-traveled dirt road. The highway was once located to the south and you will soon cross what is left of the macadam. Continue to the railroad tracks (1.5 miles), cross the tracks and take right hand road. Continue for .9 mile. Here a road branches right to a spot suitable for camping. Follow main road of Lonely Butte. You can find some root and fiber here. However it is best to stay on the main road for another .5 mile and then turn left onto dirt tracks (toward butte). Take it slow and easy going up dirt tracks about .3 mile. Then walk east across small, dry washes. You should be seeing pieces of reed all around. At the end ofthe dirt tracks is the palm fiber.

Lonely Butte Petrified Reed

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