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Pacoima Canyon Pegmatite

This area is in the heart of the Angeles National Forest and in closed to entry during fire season. The road is good but not recommended for low slung cars.

Material from here is mainly of interest to the mineral specimen collecter. There is, however, a poor grade moonstone which can be cut and polished.

Type of material found

Biotite Mica

Description of material

Zircon. Occurs as small pink to lavender clear crystals, and larger amber to brown crystals up to 2" long. They are embedded in the feldspar of the pegmatite and are hard to get out without breaking, but it can be done if you are careful.

Allanite. Occurs as flat, tabular crystals, dark brown-black in color. These are embedded in the feldspar and are almost impossible to remove. It may be because ????? specimens in the feldspar matrix.

Biotite Mica. Occurs as dark colored "books", some of which are quite large. The pegmatite in which this occurs runs for a mile or more along the canyon walls.

Apatite. These are quite small and occur in the contacts between the mica and feldspar of the pegmatite. Colors are yellow, brown, green, violet, blue, and colorless.

Moonstone. Can be found at the pegmatite and throughout the rest of the canyon as well. Occurs as a variety of feldspar in the pegmatite displaying a blue sheen. This material will polish, but usually has a "dirty" appearance

Equipment needed

Heavy sledge hammers, bars, chisels and rock hammers.

How to get there

(Note: This area usually closed from June to September due to fire hazard).
From Solemint Junction, take Highway 14 (Antelope Valley Freeway) 1.9 miles to Sand Canyon Road exit. Turn right and go 10.1 miles to summit of road. Turn left onto dirt road and proceed down into canyon, past Honey Bee and Dutch Louie campgrounds, continuing along bottom of canyon. The road crosses the streambed many, many times (over 50) as it winds back and forth across the canyon floor. Some of these crossings are quite rocky and rough, making crossing somewhat difficult for low slung cars. At 9.8 miles from Sand Canyon Road, bear right at "Y" and continue .2 mile to short spur road on right. Park here and walk up spur road to end, continuing to second ravine. Hike up this ravine to diggings. The biotite mica is in the first ravine at the end of the spur road.

Pacoima Canyon Pegmatite

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