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Guide to Gem and Rock Hunting in the Edwards Area


As copied from the manual compiled by Bob Shively in the early 1980s

Webmaster's Comments

The original document was produced by Maj Bob Shively, then of the B-2 Test Team, during the early 1980's. This conversion to dedicated to him for his initial work as part of the Edwards AFB Jewelry Craft Shop (which was closed about 1991). His efforts made it possible for many airmen and civilians alike to enjoy rockhounding without the long hours of research and blind hunting.

This web conversion was accomplished during the Nov 97-Jan 98 time period by Glenn Olson of the Rocket Lab with the help of his daughter, Karen Mullins. Karen typed in the text while Glenn darkened and scanned in the drawings and wrote the HTML tags. In some cases the text was unreadable and Bob could not be located.

Rockhounding can be an inexpensive and pleasurable pastime, something particularly important for young airmen and engineers on a tight budget.


Overview of Collecting Areas

Specific Collecting Areas
  • Palos Verdes Glaucophane
  • Adelanto Dendrites
  • Lucerne Valley "Bugeye" Rhyolite
  • Victorville Black Jade
  • Boron Travertine
  • Castle Butte Petrified Palm
  • Randsburg Rhodonite
  • Last Chance Canyon
  • Four Corners Dendritic Agate
  • Calico Jasper
  • Page mirrored on High Desert Insider by permission from: Glenn Olson
    Original Page Created: 25 Dec 97