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Shark Tooth Hill


Type of material found

Petrified Sharks Teeth
Poor grade bone

Description of material

Shark teeth ranging in size from tiny quarter inchers up to teeth measuring 4" x 5". The roots of the teeth are sandy white and the teeth a mottled white.

During the early exacvations of this area, segments of shark vertebrae were uncovered. At times, you can find small bone fragments and fossilized sea shells in the strata along with the teeth.

Equipment needed

Shovels, a pick axe, and small digging equipment, like rock hammers or small chisels, a screen sifter, a brush, a mask, and lots of drinking water. A sifter screen and shovel can be used to sift dirt other people have dug out. In this way you can often recieve sharks teeth others missed when digging. Shark Tooth Hill has been identified as a source for Valley Fever. A mask to prevent inhalation of spores is absolutely necessary!

How to get there

Because all the property on Sharktooth Hill is privately owned, including 188 acres by the Kern Community College District, legal access is limited to those invited by property owners.  However, one property has remained open, or at least, has not been closed (to our knowledge)

Hart Park is eight miles northeast of Bakersfield on the Alfred Harrell Highway.  From Bakersfield, going east on 178, you'll see a Chevron Food Mart. One mile farther is a "T" intersection. Turn north on Alfred Harrell Hwy.  Before you come to Hart Park, you'll see a soccer field.  Across the street from the soccer field is an area where digging has been done for decades. You have to drive a little bit into the foothills right there on a dirt road, but not to far, maybe about 200-300 yards at most.  You will see what looks like a trail, but is really just where people have been digging for the last 20 years.  You hike up a small trail that is very visible from the road or the soccer field and just start digging.

We were directed to this area in October, 2001, by a Hart Park Ranger.

Warnings:  Stay out of the river (dangerous) and be careful of caves (possible cave-in).
Wear a mask to filter out Valley Fever spores! This is a MUST!!


High Desert Insider assumes no responsibility for anyone going to, on, or using this area. We are merely passing on what information we have. Use your own discretion.

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Shark Tooth Hill

Location approximate