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Water Sports 2

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Scuba Recalls
Water Toy Recalls
Online Swimwear Sites
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Scuba Recalls

Date Company Problem Models Affected
Apr 30, 2002 Sherwood SCUBA LLC Maximus SCUBA regulators

A broken second stage orifice can cause a loss of manual adjustment of the second stage regulator.
Model Number
Serial Number
Range Description
K600001 through K611834
Yoke Connection
DK60000 through DK62000
Din-Style Connection
EK60001 through EK62000

Yoke Connection

The serial numbers are laser marked on the top of the second stage case next to the mouthpiece. Authorized Sherwood SCUBA distributors and dealers nationwide sold these regulators from January 1998 through November 2000 for about $580.
Jan 30, 2002 Custom Buoyancy Inc. Scuba Buoyancy Compensator Devices

The overpressure valve can stick in the open position.
Diving Unlimited International (DUI), International Divers, Ocean Management Systems, Rip Tide and Steam Machines. The date code, printed on an instructional label sewn in both the jacket and wings style, is the first four numbers after the brand name abbreviation. Date codes from 1000 through 0601. Valves with an asterisk below the serial number are not involved in this recall. These buoyancy control systems sold nationwide from Oct 2000 through Nov 2001 for about $590.
Dec 19, 2001 Diving Unlimited International (DUI) Inc
Overpressure Valves (OPV) used with Buoyancy Control Systems

The overpressure valve can stick in the open position
All overpressure valves with red pulls in both jacket and wings styles are included in this recall. The jacket model has the DUI logo printed on the jacket pocket, epaulette, and weight pockets. The wings model has the DUI logo printed on the epaulette and weight pockets. The letters "DUI" are printed on the permanent hang tags found on the Buoyancy Control System.
May 3, 2001 Sheico PKS Inc Scuba Buoyancy Compensator Devices

The overpressure valve can stick in the open position, presenting a drowning hazard to divers.
Brand Model Names Serial Numbers
Sherwood Silhouette, Magnum, Avid, Luna, Outback and Freedom Between 21280001 and 22010740
Genesis Cayman, Cobra, Athena, and Phantom

Talon and ReCon
Between 21280001 and 22010740

Between 20520001 and 22010740
Aeris Atmos All Units
April 18, 2001 Atomic Aquatics Inc
Scuba Regulators

The regulator's first stage spring can break causing restricted airflow
The recalled regulators have a black body with either a gray, blue, red or yellow faceplate. "Atomic Aquatics"; the model name, "Titanium"; and the model number, T1, T1x, B1 or Z1 can be found on the regulator's faceplate,

They were manufactured between May 1999 and October 1999 and sold at specialty dive stores from May 1999 through February 2000. Serial numbers under the rubber mouthpiece are between A07751 to A11276.

Water Toy Recalls

Date Company Problem Models Affected
Nov 28, 2001 Aqua-Leisure Industries Inc. "SunSmart" baby floats leg holes in the seat of the float can tear. "SunSmart" Baby Adjustable Sunshade Boats marked C/S on the inflation valve. Blue and white circular tubes with a seat in the middle, and a detachable protective sunshade. Pictures of purple crabs and various colored fish along the top.

Online Swimwear Sites

Online Swimwear Sites
Everything But Water Swimwear
Jantzen Fashionable swimsuits, beachwear, and coverups
Junonia For women size 14 and up.
Lands´ End Like the catalog
Lycra Links to manufacturers and other sites
Newport News Like the catalog
Silhouettes Women sizes 12W-34W
Swim to Win Competitive swimwear
Title 9 Sports For active women
Ullapopken Women's sizes 12W to 30W and women's petite sizes on selected styles


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